All of our products are handmade to order – production time for all orders is currently 1-3 weeks


As part of our sustainability pledge, for every order received, we plant a tree in one of the following countries around the world effected by deforestation Indonisia Brazil Mozambique Madagascar Kenya Nepal Haiti Zambia

 Honest Design

Wood ‘N’ Pegs is a small Yorkshire based design studio and workshop, creating bespoke and handcrafted homeware through sustainable and honest design.

Together, we believe in the power of design, craftsmanship and making objects that will stand the test of time.

Our business was born from a desire to make bespoke everyday objects that are designed to be enjoyed.

Our bespoke pieces are all made to order and carefully crafted in our small workshop by hand. It’s always been important for us to offer customisable finishes, as we understand how colour and texture can transform a space. Sometimes the little details can make the biggest difference. Choose from a variety of different woods and finishes to match your home or office space.

Sustainable design

Our pieces are designed to be passed down rather than thrown away and replaced.

We’re committed to considering every material we work with, ensuring we make a positive impact on the planet, so we use natural materials wherever possible. All our products are predominantly made with solid, sustainable timber, using FSC-certified oak and other hardwoods from sustainably managed forests. Our products are generally treated with natural oil to celebrate the wood’s natural imperfections and beautiful grain. 

We have a transparent supply chain and many of our suppliers are also working to be as sustainable as possible. Wherever we can, we use recycled and eco-friendly packaging. We’re striving for a better future and are proud to be part of a community of makers who are conscious of what they sell and how it’s made.